Bring the sunny weather

Since our last post, the weather here has turned into beautiful! 75 degrees and sunshine! Oh, and no wind! This is ideal weather. The kind that turns dismal, gray moods into 'let's get out and clean the 5th wheel!' Which is exactly what we did.
We spent a little over 3 hours today on the exterior. I did the bottom half, Henry did the top, and it looks beautiful! We had used
Dri Wash 'n Guard on it in September, and have just used it again. From the trim, to the windows, and everything in between. Our home may be 7 years old, but it looks brand new and gets raving compliments from most everyone.

The members here at The Ranch are keeping us busy with purchases. The men are buying the product for their trucks and RVs, and now the women are wanting it to use inside their rigs. Smart ladies, because they can use it on their shower doors, the fiberglass inside the shower, countertops, appliances, mirrors and windows. It only makes good sense when just one product works on so many surfaces and with amazing results. Plus, you want to be careful with which products you use in an RV. And Dri Wash 'n Guard is absolutely safe.

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