Dog Danger

It's always good to be educated on where our food comes from, and just as important to know, is where the food and treats we feed our pets come from. Take for example, Waggin Train jerky tenders. Jack has been loving these for over a year. This is what they look like:

And, this is what the Waggin Train website says about their product:

"To ensure Waggin’ Train treats are not only delicious, but also safe and healthy, they are produced, packaged and inspected in accordance with the highest sanitation and safety standards. In fact, we undertake the extra step of sterilizing every product through irradiation in accordance with USDA guideline."

Wonderful!! In accordance with USDA guideline. Sounds like there's nothing to worry about. Wait. On May 10th, there was a story reporting tht dog treats are coming out of China, and people across the country have made the connection between these products and the deaths of their dogs. Notice in the blip above, they are quick to ensure you that their product is 'produced, packaged and inspected....". NO mention of where the product is made. That is until you go to the FAQ page of their site, where we find the following:

"Q:Where are these treats made?

A: These treats are made in China at facilities that are modeled after U.S. Department of Agriculture standards for quality and safety. In China, dark meat chicken is more popular with consumers than white meat chicken, and so the supply of quality, white meat chicken used in our products is more readily available for dog treats. The factories are under stringent safety and sanitary guidelines and monitored by a dedicated team of quality control inspectors, who are in the plants where the products are being produced. The benefit to our consumers is a premium dog treat at an affordable price."

Stringent safety and sanitary guidelines, monitored by quality control inspectors, my ass!

Of course I pulled out Jack's package of treats and sure enough, right there it says 'product of China'.

Guess I should have paid closer attention before, but suffice it to say, he is now enjoying chicken Chewies and turkey/pumpkin treats which are a product of the good ol USA!!

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