The Birds lined up on the electrical wire

This morning we woke to freezing rain, 17 degrees and just downright cold weather. We had planned a trip to Roswell today, 64 miles away. The forecast called for snow, freezing rain and ice on the highway. No worries. A little weather is not going to stop us. So, we went. To the Petco store an hour away. We took Black Jack with us (he's allowed in the Petco store). Such fun! He's such a well behaved little guy and a pleasure to take.

We had sad news this week. Henry's father passed away. We were thankful we had seen him in November most every day for two weeks. I have always adored Henry's Dad. He was always happy, took life as it came, and always put his kids and grandkids first. I will miss him.

We will fly out Thursday evening for the funeral on Friday in the Seattle area. The grandkids will fly down from Alaska, so most everyone will be there, which is good.


Pam said...

Hi Henry and Cindy,

I have really enjoyed your reading your blog since I found it last week. (I sat here and read the whole thing.)

Sorry to hear about you father Henry. We will be praying for you and your travel to the funeral.

Pam Ridgely

Just Us said...

Thank you Pam. We appreciate the prayers.

Billie said...

Sorry to hear about your Dad, Henry. Larry told me this morning, while I was still in bed. He said also you had a new puppy. How great! I've been reading all your posts and beautiful places and things you have seen and done. Never heard of needle grass, tho.Take care and best to you both. Billie

Just Us said...

Thanks Billie. I'm always glad to hear people are visiting our blog.