For The Sake Of The Children??

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Authorities swooped in like vultures and swept over 400 children from the polygamist sect in El Dorado, Texas.

Some would say 'the children have been rescued!' Saved from further possible abuse by the men of the compound? I am all for saving children from abuse. But WHY, WHY did Child Protective Services (CPS) remove 400 children from their mothers? The alleged abusers are the men. Why didn't they remove the men from the compound?

To take the children from their mothers and the only way of life they know is criminal. These children had not been living with Meth addicted parents in flea infested homes. They had been living a simple way of life....what CPS has done is atypical practice.... remove the children with no thought as to the end result. Why? Because they truly don't care.

So, now they've got over 400 children scattered in hundreds of foster homes...as they await DNA results. Which will tell them what? Oh, I know! That a handful of men fathered multiple children with multiple wives! Then what? I know that one, too! They (CPS) will tell us 'we feel it is in the best interest of the children that they not be returned home." Some will get 'lost' in the system, and others just forgotten.

The real tragedy is the psychological harm to these children...they are most likely scared, confused, frustrated and have a lot of questions....questions they will not get answers to.

Child Protective Services is a government entity with too much power....for the sake of the children? They tell us that their job is to keep families together whenever possible. Yet, they yank children from the hands of their parents and toss them in to a system of red tape and bureauacry.

It will be interesting to see how it ultimately turns out....that is, IF they tell us. In 6 months to a year from now, the headline will read: 'What has become of the children removed from YFZ?' And, in 5 years from now. 'Siblings reunite after 5 years of being separated'.

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