Looks Like I'm Not The Only One

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Sounds to me like the State of Texas may have made an unconstitutional call when they allowed Child Protective Services to remove the children from the compound. Whatever happened to getting all the facts before acting? Oh, that's right, it's Child Protective Services, they can do what they want! Don't be fooled, they do not have the best interest of families in mind. They are funded by our federal government...the more children they place, the more money they get. This year the state of Texas will receive over $736,000 federal funds. Check out their website here to learn more...like the process of 'investigating' before removing a child!
CPS is a scary governmental agency with too much power. They tear families apart, often times with no evidence at all.....just accusations. And, once you are in their system, you are most likely there indefinitely....remember the children in Florida that got 'lost' in the system. The State of Florida CPS didn't have a clue where those children were! I bet that problem occurs in several states.

Now CPS in Texas have 462 children scattered all around the State of Texas....separated from siblings, separated from their mothers. It's shameful to say the least.

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