Tulip Festival

Via an email yesterday from an Aunt....the tulips are in bloom!

Maybe, just maybe, I could manage myself and my crutches in to the Volvo and we could take a drive to see them this weekend! Last year we had just missed them, arriving only a few days late.

It is a confirmation of spring and the promise of warm weather when you see fields of yellow, pink and red tulips. Plus, the country roads, older houses, the barns....we gotta go! Perfect example of the joy of fulltiming. There really is so much country to see right here in the good 'ol U.S.A.

When our daughter was almost two years old, we lived in the Seattle area and were able to visit the tulip fields for the first time. However, it was just myself, with both kids and a friend of mine with her son. My husband has NEVER seen the fields.....and he grew up in Washington State!
You just can't visit Washington in the springtime without experiencing the tulip fields.

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