Spring Has Arrived!

We've got some sunshine and blue sky! It finally feels like Spring...now if only I was able to get out and really enjoy it.

It's been almost a month since I've been walking with crutches, and it feels like forever. This is getting so old and I am tired of not being able to perform the simplest of tasks....

Like cleaning or doing the dishes or even making the bed. Oh, I can do the dishes...it just takes 3 times as long, as I balance myself with the crutches at the sink. And, I can make half the bed, but even then it's not really doing the job right....getting something out of the refrigerator is really tricky...It's hard to take something from the refrigerator, while holding myself with the crutches, and then to balance carefully as I turn to hopefully get the item on the counter and not on the floor....and feeding BlackJack...that one is almost impossible, because first I have to pick his plate up off the floor (which is scary because I'm afraid I'll fall), but then once I manage to get the food on the plate, now I have to drop it from 3 feet on to the floor again, and hope the food stays on the plate as it's flying to the ground. So far, so good. No mishaps as of yet.

I have thought about my father in law, Earl, a lot this past month. How he must have felt after his stroke when he was unable to get around....I always knew he was frustrated, but being frustrated when there was absolutely nothing he could have done to change his situation is so sad...relying on others to do for you...not wanting to burden them to assist you....your pride and self esteem pretty much go right out the window. You feel like a helpless child.

Now I understand why he always insisted on carrying several paper towels, sugar packets for his coffee among other trivial items with him on his walker or wheelchair...it was because he figured if he always had those things close to him, he wouldn't need to bother anyone to get them for him. He was trying to maintain some independence for himself.

Okay, I suppose I will slide out of the trailer and let BlackJack get some fresh air. Poor dog...I know he would love to run and play in the grass....

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