We have finally arrived in Colorado, after an eventful departure from Lakewood. We are barely 200 miles down the road, decided to stop for dinner, and noticed a strong 'paint' smell. Of course, it wasn't paint, but diesel. We pulled in to the parking lot at a mall, Henry took a look under the hood and discovered diesel spraying all over the outside of the engine block. He spent several minutes checking everything out, and determined we had a ruptured fuel line.

Long story short, we spent the night and most of the following day in a mall parking lot in Santa Fe. But....Henry fixed it himself (because he is so talented), it only cost $41.00, instead of over $300, as we were quoted, and we were back on the road to Colorado!

So, we had a wonderful dinner at my Mom and Dad's this evening. Mom had a Birthday dinner, complete with mashed potatoes (my all the time favorite 'in the world' food), cake and presents, too! It's good to see them, and I am so thankful they are looking well.

Henry leaves Monday for his training in California, and I will stay here for a few days of visiting with my folks.

BlackJack did fantastic on his first real 'road trip'. He seemed a bit confused the first night, but settled right in.

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pam ridgely said...

Happy Birthday Cindy....enjoy your visit with you family.

Sorry to hear about your truck problems. It's good to have someone so handy. It sure helps to save money.

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