We saw 6 to 8 Wanderlodges...they are gathering
for their rally next weekend and are expecting
60-70 of them! We even got a tour inside one of
them. Pretty cool!

Took the Volvo for a day trip to Quartzsite. The show opened yesterday, and wow! Motorhomes of all sizes parked in the desert, people milling around everywhere, and nowhere to park.

Of course, we did find somewhere to park, then away we went, in to the Big Tent, where all the vendors are setup. We spent all day looking, eating, and even ran in to a few people we know. One couple we had worked with two summers ago in Sedona, another couple we were parked next to in Yuma.

BlackJack got lots of attention (as he always does) from most everyone. Must be because he is just so darned cute!

We really enjoy Quartzsite and the excitement, so it was a fun day. AND....on the way there, guess who drove the truck? ME! I definitely need to drive it more often, but what fun!

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