It's Snowing......cotton

Oh, it's summer in Fairbanks. I actually think I had forgotten some of the telltale signs. Such as the sticky sappy things in May, to the blowing cotton in June...all from the cottonwood trees. It all makes such a mess of everything. To catch a clear blue sky with the sun shining, you have to be up at 5:00 a.m. and up again at midnight. Every time in between is pretty much cloudy, and when it's cloudy, it's chilly. I think today's temperature is 72 degrees, but feels like 65 to me.

We are not experiencing smoky air like Anchorage....no fires close enough, yet.

Today was my first day of having my own wheels to actually leave the campground. So, I ran a couple errands, drove through downtown Fairbanks, and now I'm satisfied that Fairbanks really hasn't changed at all. Some of the streets downtown used to be one way streets and are now two way, and the visitors center is filled with tourists and hanging baskets of flowers. But, other than that, it's still Fairbanks. We did have dinner at the Turtle Club Sunday night with friends that came up for the summer. It was nice visiting with them and hearing their stories of the Alaska Highway and all they've been doing here in Fairbanks. They went to Chena Hot Springs and enjoyed the $15.00 Appletini served in a glass made of ice! Guess I need to check that one out!
Gotta run....got incoming motorhomes.


Anonymous said...

According to Native Alaskans, the blowing cotton is a sign the salmon are running. I've always found it to be accurate.

Just Us said...

Interesting! I've never heard that, but think I'll pass it along to the next tourist that comments on it.
Thank you!!
By the way, how are you doing?
Email me.