Exciting Travels?

As our summer is flying by, we feel our fulltime lifestyle has been put on hold untill we leave Alaska.

Working too hard and not playing at all best describes our day to day routines for now.
For example, Henry flew out early this morning, after getting up at 5 a.m. (no one should have to awake at 5:00 a.m. for anything). He flies from Fairbanks to Prudhoe Bay, then boards a bus for a one hour ride to catch a helicopter that will take him to an island northwest of Prudhoe.

I will stay here and run the campground, cleaning out firepits, collecting money, and hopefully booking more tours. The tours have proved to be worth my time. For every tour, whether it's to the Arctic Circle, Chena Hot Springs or Manley Hot Springs, I receive 20% in cash, on the day I book the tour. The Arctic Cirlce tour is everyones preference and earns me some decent money for very little work and time. Talk it up, take their $$, and watch my 20% grow. Far more rewarding than being the campground host'ess'.

Then....Why is it so difficult to find good help anymore? They want the money, but don't want to earn it. The couple I have cleaning the bathrooms receive their site for free plus laundry allowance, yet they take the laundry allowance and buy alcohol with it, drink all night, sleep all day, and from one day to the next, I never know if they will show up to clean. The young people today want it all without working for it, and expect everything to be handed to them. We have created a lazy, 'give me' generation. However, I am SO proud of my own kids! Brian is the head title officer with his OWN office...Amanda is a clinical services coordinator for several audiologists; they both show up for work and are proof that not all kids today are lazy.

On an even brighter side, Amanda and Tyler will be up next weekend for my niece's wedding. I am so excited about seeing them, as her 20th birthday is on the 17th, so we will celebrate while they are here. She wants both my rum cake and viennese torte for her birthday cake...so I've got some baking to do! Can't wait!

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