The Fair is in full Swing

The vendors have arrived, the campground is full, and all is well. It's frankly not as 'crazy' as we were told it would be. Because we are full with all vendors, they are gone during the day working their booths, and we have only a couple tent sites to rent out, so the work is minimal.
Nighttime is always a different story though. We still get the knocks on our door at all hours..."here's my situation", "someone is in my sight", "the laundry room is locked", etc. all, despite the sign on our door "Host is OFF duty". One guy said, "Oh, I didn't know what that sign meant." (Duh!).

We are beginning to think about where we will go when we leave here. We are only a month away....YAY!! Wherever the sun is shining and the temperature is above 75 will be fine with us.
Most likely, Arizona first, and will go from there. No schedule, no concrete plan....relaxing is our number one priority.

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Larry & LaVila said...

C'mon Cindy! At least there are no needle grass invasions this summer.