The Trip South

Amanda and Tyler

Dad and daughter on the boardwalk
to Liard Hot Springs

Almost a month since our last post, so here goes.

We pulled out of Alaska the 15th of September, with two 20 year olds, our daughter and her fiance. The Alaska Highway was good traveling, with no snow, some rain, and excellent roads. Even the diesel prices were not too bad. It took us only 7 days this trip, as we had to be in Tacoma to pick up Tyler's car.
Gig Harbor, WA.: 1 week in Gig Harbor, while the kids hung out with a couple friends of theirs, and did some shopping. Again, the weather was pretty nice, but a bit on the cool side.
Onward towards Phoenix: After our jeeps arrived almost a week later, we began our caravan southbound. Both kids driving their own vehicles following behind us.
As we got to the Hoover Dam outside Vegas; Amanda and Tyler drove their last 300 miles in to Arizona, and we felt a bit lost as to what we would do next, and very sad as we said our goodbyes to our daughter. Do we ever stop worrying about our kids?
But, nevertheless, we managed to continue on down the road, traveling a mere 160 miles the first day, and 113 the second.
Yuma is home for a couple days at least.....temperatures are in the mid 90's, and we've got some catching up to do on our tans. We feel pretty white in comparison to everyone else we've seen.

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