A little Geocaching...A little Jeeping

On the wrong road, but the view was great!

On top of Tootsie Roll 'Mountain' - 1st find

Our Baja trip has been postponed until December, so we decided to check out the trails and caches in the area. Turns out, there are over 400 geocaches, so we better get on it!

The first find was Tootsie Roll "Mountain"....a big rock on the top of a hill that resembles a tootsie roll. Then, on to Brown Bear, which entailed lots of skinny trails...you know, the kind that as you approach the top, you cannot see IF the road continues on the other side, or if it is a dropoff. Of course, they all continued on, so we decided on a 3rd cache for the day, which was called 'way down there'. An appropriate name indeed! We parked at the 'way' top, and walked way down into the gulley. We found the cache, always making it worth it.

As the temperatures are cooling here, in the seventies, I am even more anxious to head even further south!

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