Days 3 & 4, Baja...San Quintin

Now....that's a beach!

And....a Sunset.

Lucky us!

El Pabellon Campground, the 'Whale'

Miles of sand dunes

Our beach chairs at sunset

A short drive today, only 100 miles. But what a stop! The El Pabellon (means 'butterfly') Campground. The ocean is at our doorstep, and the sand dunes are amazing! We let Jack loose, took our sandals off and walked along the beach. Hot sand between the toes! Is there anything better? It is incredible that there is so much beautiful beach with NO people!
SO NICE - we decided to stay a second day! We were able to sit in the sun at the beach for an entire day. It doesn't get any better than that. This would be a definite 'must return to' place in our book.

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