November 5th


Well, they've all got one thing in common (besides being stupid). They're wearing masks to resemble Guy Fawkes.
This guy, below is Guy Fawkes. He goes way back to like 1605, or something. I guess he was responsible for attempting to blow up the British Parliament with gun powder. He was later tried, convicted and was to be hung. On the day of his hanging, he managed to jump from the scaffolding, fell and broke his neck. Bottom line, the guy was a loser.
In Britain, November 5th is considered Guy Fawkes day and is celebrated by bonfires and the burning of effigies of Fawkes. Personally, I don't get the connection. The guy was not a hero, he was a punk. OHHHH, that's gotta be it! These protestors are punks, too. Okay, that makes sense.

Two things to note: tomorrow is November 5th, the following is a quote from a news story today:
“Remember, remember the 5th of November” warns “V,” the anonymous rebel who sparks a revolution in the 2006 movie “V for Vendetta.”
Based on the comic book series and graphic novel of the same name, the film — and especially the mask worn by “V” — has become a symbol of discontent among Occupy protesters."

Tomorrow has also been declared 'bank transfer day'. The Facebook page set up for the bank transfer day has an avatar of the mask as their symbol. Who is supporting bank transfer day? None other than MoveOn.org, which when you follow the money, takes you directly to George Soros. And who is Soros? Master puppeteer and Obama is one of his many puppets. They are inciting violence. These people WANT a revolution.


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