Greenfield Village

Thomas Edison's chair in his laboratory

Thomas Edison laboratory....WOW!

Thomas Edison was a genius...shelves lined
with bottles of every imaginable chemical,
powder, mineral, etc. He hired people to hand
deliver the materials to him so he could keep with
his work.

An original used for transporting farm equipment

The weaving room...fascinating!

Potters at work in the Pottery Barn

Lunch time for this little guy

Inside the Daggett farmhouse. Herbs drying,
apple slices drying...it was so cool!

These women were having a feast of whole
chicken, apple dumplings, cooked cabbage,
apple pie and fresh vegetables all prepared
on an open hearth!

Another view of the kitchen

Noah Webster's Home

Henry Ford's childhood home

Orville Wright's Bicycle Shop

An early Settler's home..walls lined with
newspaper for insulation (click to enlarge)

Daggett Family House


Greenfield Village was just as amazing as the Henry Ford Museum. Our favorite was any and all places related to Thomas Edison. I learned so much about him that I didn't know. He was a brilliant man before his time.

We visited Orville Wright's shop and his home. We saw Noah Webster's retirement home which was huge for its day. Did you know Webster wrote the first dictionary entirely by himself??!!
We saw the cabin that George Washington Carver lived in and a boarding house run by a widow named Sarah Long. The entire experience was like stepping back in time, but most impressive is the fact that the machinery invented and built by these people are still working today.

If you ever make it back to Michigan, the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village are a 'must see'.....but allow at least two days to see it all.

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