Henry Ford Museum

We loved the colors in this one of a kind cars

The chair Abe Lincoln sat in when he was

A 1917 Willies Overland

We were impressed with the building itself,
built in 1927.

Holiday Inn Sign IN the Museum!

Here we go...over 7 acres to tour!

An awesome VW Bus from 1959

Wow! (click on photo to enlarge)

The very car JFK was in when he was shot

We spent several hours touring the Henry Ford Museum. What an amazing tour of our country's history. From the pioneer days to the future, a collection of cars, wagons, farm equipment, household appliances, clocks, sewing machines......it is really unbelievable. We took tons of pictures and obviously won't be able to post all of them, so I will post what we felt was really cool...which is hard, because this museum covers over 7 acres of land and houses spectacular original pieces. We traveled back in time and loved it!

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