Dad and Mom

Henry and I were honored yesterday with a brief visit from my parents. They are in route to Florida for the youngest of their great grandchildren's second birthday celebration. Dad and Mom arrived in Dallas yesterday afternoon and brought with them a cherished piece of furniture that had belonged to my Grandmother. The tea cart shown above. Grandmother always had a whimsical bird that plays a tune, sitting on the tea cart. Both pieces have been passed to me! My daughter will be envious of the bird, as she loves everything 'birds'. So, I polished the tea cart and decided to put it in our bedroom. The bird is in its rightful place, alongside a picture of my Grandmother.

It was nice to see Dad and Mom, as always. They are both getting up in years, so I appreciate any time I can spend with them. Why didn't I take a picture of them? I intended to, and it must have slipped my mind. We all went out for dinner at a place Henry discovered, called Sevy's. The food was amazing, the prices a bit over the top, but we had a good time, and spent the customary three hours dining....that's the way dinner out with my parents goes. Have a drink...wait...order appetizer...wait...order dinner...eat...wait...order dessert and coffee...wait...wait. Visiting all the while... Dad is just that way . But it is fine with me, because I know one day I will miss those dinners with both of them.

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