Just Sayin'

Muhammad Speaks December 1960 edition. This picture was taken at an Elijah Muhammad speech in Sept. 1960 in NYC. the woman with the short hair appears to be Ann Dunham, Obama's mother. Pictures of Ann Dunham released by the Obama administration always show an Ann with long hair, however, it has been alleged that those photos have been altered to give the impression her hair was long. In fact, Ann Dunham typically kept her hair short. The chin, the mouth...unmistakeable, Ann Dunham.

This photo, released by the Obama admin. is the one allegedly tampered with to look as if her hair is long. Visit The Terrible Truth website for the digital imageries.

This photo is from an archived edition of Muhammad Speaks from early 1962. Compare this woman with the one below of a younger Ann Dunham. Look at the baby. Hello, baby Obama. A REAL picture of the baby Obama.

Alleged picture of baby Obama released by Obama admin. this one has also been deemed to have been 'tweaked'.

And, finally, the man himself, Malcolm X. Malcolm appears in several of Muhammad Speaks editions. One cannot deny the uncanny resemblances and mannerisms between Obama ad Malcolm. How about one generation later?
Malia Obama in the next two photos, and Malcolm X's daughter in the last one.


Smokey said...

Very intereting! And not unbelievable!

Cin said...

I know, right? There is So much more , but it can be information overload.