It's Time to do some 4X4 Trails!

I don't have new pictures to post yet, mainly because I've been forgetting to take our camera when we go out, but Butch has been busy with repairs and upgrades to our jeep.

What he's got done so far:

  • Repaired exhaust leak

  • New muffler

  • New to us Seats - He found some skookum seats at a salvage yard that came off a 2004 Chevy Cavalier. They are so much more comfortable and make the Jeep look much better

  • New fabric and window for the driver's side

  • New mirror for the inside

  • Purchased an air deflator - to let some air out of the tires when off road.

What he's planning:

  • Roll cage

  • Re-install locker

I know he's got much more in mind, because he's been on practically every jeep site and forum. I just am not privvy to all the details. This area is fantastic for Jeep clubs and tons of offroad trails, so I am excited about getting out there. (Hope he's planning to take Jack and I along).

Our little blue jeep has been so much fun since we bought it in Sedona. It has been to Baja, countless jeep trails in Arizona, plus it is our daily mode of transportation. Might even be time for a new engine

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