Torture In China?

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I am not the least bit surprised. Call me prejudiced, that is what I am.

I only wish all the chinese, arabs, mexicans, koreans, would just stay out of our country. If their countries are so wonderful, then why are they clamoring to come to ours?

I wish our country had not sold out to China - Thank you Bill Clinton! It is next to impossible to find any product anywhere on the shelves of any store in the U.S. that is NOT 'Made in China'.

I wish the liberals of our country would stop with the 'we need to welcome them with open arms', and 'the United States is the melting pot for all who want to come' rhetoric.

Go to Las Vegas and you will think you stepped in to China.
Visit Miami, and you will believe you are in Cuba.
Take a trip to Detroit, and behold, you will be swimming in a sea of muslims.
Go to Phoenix, Seattle, Dallas, Wichita, Minneapolis, and every small town in between. Did someone say Mexico? They are literally in every crook and cranny of OUR country, speaking THEIR language, not ours. They are living on our social programs while we pay their way and they send money home to their country. They are pushing their agendas in our schools and workplaces while we just sit back and shake our heads.

Wal-Mart in Detroit has just unveiled a new store offering the Arabs every product from consumables to clothing just like they could get in their own country. Oh, the Arabs in that city are thrilled. One lady was quoted as saying, "I just love it, I feel like I'm in my own country." Okay, lady, if it gives you such a warm, fuzzy feeling about home, then please go back to where you came from! I don't want to see Arab food in my Wal-Mart. I want to see corn on the cob, rib eye steak, white bread and Hershey's chocolate bars.

Wal-Mart in dozens of other U.S. cities now have for example an entire aisle of greeting cards in spanish, DVD's in spanish, not to mention the aisles of Latino, Mexican and Asian foods specifically catered to the Latinos, Mexicans and Asisans.

When I needed three ultrasounds and two mammograms, I had to pay for them. When I have surgery, I will need to pay for it. If any of these foreigners who are in our country illegally need any kind of medical treatment, I get to pay for that, too!

This country has been traveling down the wrong road for a long time, and it is only going to get worse.


Anonymous said...

Cindy, c'mon and tell us how you REALLY feel! Seriously, good job and relevent comments!

Just Us said...

Yup..you know me. I've got some pretty strong opinions about this topic.