Torn Ligaments, possibly surgery, eek!

Spent a couple hours at the doctor yesterday with my knee problem. The news was not good. Two torn ligaments, one on the outer side, one on the inner side. The doctor suspects the ligament under the kneecap is torn, but can only determine that by doing an MRI. That will be scheduled next week. If suspicion proves to be accurate, surgery would be recommended. Ugh.

One pair of crutches, one knee sleeve, and 4 weeks to 6 months of hobbling around. Definitely NOT priceless. I am so bummed. I was trying to get a job at the convenience store just down the street.....as ironic as things have been, the guy called me the day AFTER my accident wanting me to walk down and talk to him about a job. I would have LOVED to have been able to walk, period. Shoot. I feel like a completely helpless individual, dependent on someone else for simple tasks.

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