Knee injury

There is an organization here called The Pegasus Project. They make it possible for children with disabilities such as Down Syndrome and Autism to have the opportunity to ride a horse. It is an incredibly successful program providing therapy to the children, building their self esteem and fostering independence. The horses used in the program are mild tempered, older horses that have been trained specifically to aid the children in the therapy.

Pegasus Project is funded on Government grants and relies on volunteers to assist the children while riding and lead the horse. I attended the training program for volunteers yesterday.
All was going well, with a powerpoint presentation, a tour of the facilities and finally a hands on training for emergency dismounts.

When it was my turn, I stood next to the horse with my hands in the proper positions to assist the instructor who was on the horse. My job was to 'cradle' her as she dismounted the horse. As she came off the horse, she slipped a bit, I was unable to catch her completely and we both ended up on the ground with her on top of my left knee. Ouch! To say the least...the pain was excruitiating and I knew I was definitely hurt.

I knew immediately I could not stand right up, as I could feel my knee and below twisted. Within a few minutes, she helped me to my feet. I limped over to the 'block' and sat down while they proceeded to finish the exercise. I was seeing 'stars' and felt lightheaded, so a few minutes of sitting still was definitely a good idea.

So, as my knee began to swell up, and I was unable to put pressure on the leg, some ice and keeping my leg up was in order. This morning, the swelling is still substantial and even limping is difficult, so as much as I hate the thought, looks like I will have to pay a doctor a visit.

What an awful feeling to be dependent on someone else for walking the dog, or making the bed. I am not one to whine about pain, but I have to say this is no fun. Hopefully, the doctor can give me some anti-inflammatory medicine and maybe a pair of crutches, so at a minimum, I will be able to get around on my own.

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Anonymous said...

Cindy! LaVila and I are so saddened to hear of your injury. When your heart is not really into the "project" your mind sometimes wanders. We hope you are going to recover quickly without the rod & pins! For pain, combine equal amounts of Irish Creme, Buttershots and ice. Apply internally.