Child Welfare Had NO Legal Right

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I had posted earlier on this subject, and my suspicions have now been confirmed. Child Welfare in the state of Texas had absolutely NO right to remove the over 400 children from their home.

#1: The children were removed based on an anonymous phone call. There was no factual basis for the action taken by child welfare.
#2: Some of the supposed 'children' are actually adults.

Unfortunately, this ruling that just came down today from the Appellate's Court does NOT rule that the children can be returned to their home. Hopefully, the court will rule quickly on this.

Now, I do not agree with anything that the FLDS practices, especially polygamy or the marrying off of underage children, but what the state of Texas has allowed with the removal of these children is inexcusable. The saddest part is this kind of thing happens every day in all parts of our country. Child Protective Services have been granted too much power and every day remove children from homes with no basis. Because the El Dorado situation was so huge, it attracted national attention. But what about the small families that have no voice?

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