Knee Injury Update

This is as straight as my left leg can go

Right Knee -little over 13 1/2"

Left Knee: little over 14 1/2"

Sorry to post these unattractive pictures, but almost 9 weeks after my knee injury, I felt it important to document somewhere that I can still not straighten my leg, and that there is still swelling....1" at least. Signicifantly less than immediately after the accident, but swelling is still present.

We had just received copies of my medical records from the Orthopedic Doctor I have been seeing (I am going next week for a 2nd opinion). Several of his statements are inaccurate.
Such as, on my first visit he states the injury is a result of 'a woman fell off a horse, landing against patient (me), knocking her to the ground where she twisted the knee.'
The 'woman' did not 'land against me'....she fell ON TOP of me with her entire body weight landing on my knee. Huge difference.
He also noted there was 'minor' swelling on first visit, and 'no apparent swelling' on my 2nd visit.
Wrong again doc. I have swelling today almost 9 weeks later.
The physical therapist, whom I have seen twice so far, told us that I should be much further along than I am....that I have a very 'hot spot' around meniscus and ACL area....and that we will try therapy for just two weeks, and if no signifcant improvement, he will be shipping me back to the doctor. That was the deciding factor for me....I'm getting a second opinion from a different orthopedic doctor in a different city.
I'm still on crutches, cannot put full body weight on left leg, and cannot bend or straighten my leg.
Frustration all around!

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