Lateral Tibial Plateau Fracture

Now that I have all medical records, MRI report and CT Scan report I am more confused than ever.

CT Scan report says: Nondisplaced mildly impacted fracture at the posterolateral corner of the the tibial plateau. Moderate joint effusion.

From all the reading I have since been doing about 'lateral tibial plateau fractures', everything says 'no weight bearing'. Granted, I cannot put full body weight on the leg, but was told by the Orthopedic Doctor five weeks ago to 'go ahead and start putting weight on it with the aid of the crutches.'

The posterolateral corner of the tibial plateau is where the fracture is located, according to the CT report. Yet, the doctor has not even talked about this. Yup, I'm confused. I don't get it. And, yes, I am extremely frustrated.

Physical therapy is slow going and painful. I'm okay with more pain if it's going to improve my condition and mobility of the knee, but with conflicting reports, I am concerned.

Going for a second opinion on Friday. I am praying for some real answers, instead of;
"I don't know." (will I ever be at 100% again?)
"That is irrelevant at this point." (Is the ACL torn?)

Maybe I should just stop reading on the internet. Besides, they use words I am not familiar with to say something simple. Examples?

Contusion = Bruise
Effusion = Swelling
Unremarkable = Not torn
Why don't they just say...'It is bruised and swollen, and no ligaments are torn' ????

Side note: BlackJack's golf ball collection is 24! His little basket is about full.
2nd side note: I've got a $100 bet with my husband. 'They' say it will be sunny and 98 degrees on Friday.......Yeah, I'm not buying it. We will see.

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