Near Misses

Eight weeks ago a lady falls off a horse, lands on my knee.

Four weeks ago, when the wind was blowing and it was snowing, BlackJack and I came within about 12 inches of being hit by a car. The lady didn't see us, didn't bother to look before backing up her vehicle. Fortunately, with my yelling, she finally did stop coming within a foot of hitting us.

On Monday, as we were getting in the vehicle headed to physical therapy, a golf ball came flying through the air, hit our trailer and landed on the ground just two feet from us.

Yesterday, as I was walking BlackJack, the wind was blowing hard (again), a moving box size cardboard box came flying through the air directly at us. BlackJack saw it first and ran the opposite direction. It blew until it hit the laundry room building when it finally landed.

Of course, the lady falling on me was not a near miss, but rather a direct blow. The other three instances were without a doubt near misses. What is up with that! Three near misses...what do they say? Third time's the charm? I certainly hope so!

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