Castle Dome Mountains

'Sad Face'?

A hawk on top of the tree
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Castle Dome Mountains

The road ahead
Yesterday we went on a jeep run with another couple we know. The trail started about 40 miles from here, and took us through the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge for about 54 miles. The desert was beautiful as always, but greener than usual for this time of year. The only wildlife we saw was a hawk. No deer, bobcats, not even a rabbit. The trail itself was rated moderate, but I guess we decided we'd rate it easy. There was only one spot that I would deem moderate, (and I'm a lightweight).
There is a museum about 20 miles in and we had every intention of stopping and checking it out, but as we approached the entrance gate, the sign posted said "Adults-$5.00 fee".
Call us cheap, but honestly, I couldn't see spending $10.00 on a museum in the middle of nowhere that consisted of delapitated buildings.
So, we continued on, stopping to eat sandwiches we had packed. A 15 mile side trip went up to a 'well preserved' miner's cabin, which required an uphill hike the last mile. We decided to go the last 15 miles, but after 7 miles, and an hour later, decided we better turn back. The sun was going down, and I am not sure my knee would have handled an uphill one mile hike anyway.(that's 2 miles roundtrip you know...ugh)
Maybe another day for that trip. It was a good day though and we enjoyed getting to know Dave and Renee better.

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