Slab City

The entrance to Slab City

'salvation monument'

We have heard about Slab City and thought it time we check it out. Of course, we were hoping for much warmer weather, but didn't find it. Pretty cool temperatures and very windy.

So, Slab City is in the middle of the Californian desert and consists of trailers, tents, motorhomes, buses, vans, campers, lean to's, you name it. A person can stay as long as they wish, cost is free. They have their own library, church, and live entertainment every Saturday night.

I'm not sure how many acres Slab City covers, but it is huge. Many of the 'campers' are permanent as is evident from some of the run down, delapitated trailers. There is no electricity, no running water and no sewer dump. So, consequently, everyone has solar panels for their energy and many have brought in large 50 gallon drums for fresh water. I've no idea how they dispose of their 'black water' as we don't see any evidence of that.

In fact, some of the 'campsites' are small communes consisting of three or four buses or RV's. They claim their site by outlining the area with rocks or what have you.

Quite the interesting place. Not for everyone...but, hey, now we can say 'been there, done that.'

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