A Very Merry Christmas To Friends & Family

As I am sitting here on Christmas Eve, doing very little, I am reminded of Christmases in the past. Back when my kids were little, and life was a hurried, fast paced flurry of activity.

Every Christmas Eve was all about hurrying to get off of work, to hurry home, to hurry and prepare our traditional Christmas Eve dinner, to hurry and let the kids open their one special gift from their grandparents (a tradition on Christmas Eve), only to fly out the door quickly in time to catch the Christmas Eve Service at church....the only hour I really sat still all day.....and then rush back home to get the kids to bed, so "Santa" could bring gifts. Bedtime for me used to be typically around midnight on Christmas Eve at our house....awwwww.....I miss those days.

I miss the excitement you can see in the eyes of all children. Their wonderment and enthusiasm is contagious. So, I guess this Christmas I would have to say what I miss the most is not being able to spend it with the grandchildren. At ages 1, 4 and 11, there would surely be plenty of energy and excitement!

Do you think children today still believe in Santa? I'll have to ask a young parent.

More importantly, I wonder if they really know what Christmas is about, beyond giving and receiving gifts to one another....it is about the greatest gift of all from God; His son. And receiving the most precious gift; His free gift of eternal life.

Merry Christmas.

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