Where is the Outrage???

We have been duped by our very own Government, yet we sit idly by and say or do absolutely nothing! What is wrong with the American people?

*Our economy has gone to hell in a handbasket (and going to get worse)
*Our Government has bailed out everyone and their mother with OUR money
*Today, the former Nasdaq Chairman ADMITS to a $50 Billion ponzi scheme..FRAUD
*The Governor of Illinois (D) tried selling Obama's Senate seat
*The auto industry (and Democrats) wants $14Billion...and Bush is going to give it to them,
(with OUR money)
*311 Mortgage companies have gone out of business this year
*23 Banks have gone out of business this year
*Bank of America (whom we've given billions of dollars to) is cutting 30-35 thousand jobs
*Unemployment numbers reached 539,000 in November alone

Meanwhile, back at the ranch....American Idol, Survivor, and Paris Hilton seem to be at the forefront of 'most' Americans minds. We have become a country that makes me ashamed. While Prozac lulls many into a state of complacency, our Government is cutting away at the very backbone of our country.

We have crackheads, meth addicts, and potheads that sit on their lazy asses with their hands out waiting for their next welfare check. Our young people have been seduced by 'reality' shows and video games. The baby boomers are dumbfounded as they wonder where their 401K or retirement fund went. And for all the rest....they are mesmerized by BO (Barack Obama). It is no wonder our politicians/government are able to bleed us to death without as much as a nod of the head. Disgusting.

Wake up people! Where is the outrage? Where is your anger? When are you going to say "ENOUGH!"

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