2010 Recap

Where to begin?

From Jan. to April of last year, we were hanging out in Yuma, Arizona with our good friends. We love Yuma because the weather is beautiful, very little rain, and lots of off roading places to take the Jeep. But, as summer approached, we knew a summer job was in our future. So, we brushed off our workamper resume, and shot off copies to several places. We actually had several offers for employment, lucky us! We decided on West Yellowstone for the sole reason of........it paid the best!! - Not always the right reason for accepting a job, I know, but it was our reason and we did in fact make the drive to West Yellowstone in May...in the snow. Ugh.

May-Sept - Montana. The job was fun at times, frustrating at others, but all in all a pretty good summer! From Montana, we were heading to our next workamper assignment in Kansas at Amazon.com. A couple detours first though.
Colorado - parents. --- I always enjoy seeing Mom and Dad. What is it about parents that is comforting? Anyway, we spent 4 days with them, had a great time as we traveled from one restaurant to another...you know, lunch out, a bit of driving, and voila'...dinner time...where to eat?? Seriously, it was fun and I always leave them with some new memories tucked away. Ahhh...that's what it is about parents and family! Memories!
Okay. Colorado to Michigan, speaking of family. The long 1200 mile drive to upper Michigan to visit the brother in law. It is always good to see him, as he inspires me with his optimism. If only more people could be as easy going. So, we had good visits with him, and his girlfriend. ---Now, it's off to Kansas, and by this time it is mid October.
Coffeyville - home of Amazon.com and our home for the next 10 weeks.
Fast forward to right before Christmas. Amazon.com was some tough work, the weather was frigid, the RV park was, hmmm....nothing to write home about. Glad to be driving out of there in all honesty.
This winter we'd like to experience the Rio Grande Valley, so head towards Texas. First stop, Lewisville, because that's where our friends are at for a few days.
We had a great time there with them. Lots of shopping, amazing warm weather and fun times all around!
They headed east, we headed south from Lewisville. We are sitting in Mission and will be here until the end of January. More on Mission later. But, that's 2010 in a nutshell. I've got pictures that I will put up later.

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