Big and Fancy

Friday night~~we were invited to a get together with some people from church. It was to be held at one of the couple's home. Wow. Have you ever driven through a very elite neighborhood, have seen ├╝ber huge homes and wondered what the owners possibly do with all the space?? Well, I admit, I have. Last night, my curiosity was satisfied. The house is 9,000 square feet AND there is a guest house that is 1400 square feet. A courtyard, pool, spa and incredibly huge patio connect the main house to the guest house. Anyway, yes, the house is beautiful. I do not know how many bathrooms, because, honestly, I lost count. I will say, however, they have a huge butlers pantry, a silver room (yeah, I don't know), exercise room, a kitchen larger than anyone could possibly need, a sitting room that preceded every room, two huge staircases to the second floor, gorgeous hardwood floors throughout, ceilings that were at LEAST 20 feet high, and two other rooms I am not sure what they use them for. Wondering how many people live in this home? TWO.
All I could think while touring their home, was I am pretty sure they only use the master bedroom/bath, kitchen and living room number 1. So, why does anyone need or want 9,000 square feet?? Crazy.

Saturday~~today was topless day in Dallas (Jeeps), and there was a meet up arranged for Jeepers at a popular place called Kellers Hamburger Drive In. We thought we'd check it out, so pulled our sorely neglected Jeep out of the parking garage and went down there. There were probably close to 20 Jeeps there, and it was fun to look at all the modifications people have done.
There are no off road places in Dallas without traveling an hour and a half out of the city, and even then, because there are no BLM lands here, any off roading places are done only on private property with the approval of the owner......and only after purchasing an annual off road sticker from the state, and also paying the owner a permit fee. Needless to say, we have not yet done that. I do miss Jeeping though!!!!

The picture below taken today of a couple of the Jeeps there. At first glance you may think that's our blue Jeep, right????
Nope. Haha. Here is our poor little Jeep. Ours was definitely the oldest one there, but I guarantee our Jeep can climb the big rocks with the best of them. She just needs a new coat of paint. :)

That's been our weekend thus far.

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