The Hollywood Elite...no clue, Whatsoever

Awww, the liberal Hollywood crowd, or at least this idiot in particular, shows how ignorant and out of the loop he really is. He loves this country and is willing to pay his fair share......until facts come into play.

Will Smith: I have no issue with paying taxes and whatever needs to be done for my country to grow. I believe very firmly that my ability to sit here—I’m a black man who didn’t go to college, yet I get to travel around the world and sell my movies, and I believe very firmly that America is the only place on Earth that I could exist. So I will pay anything that I need to pay to keep my country growing. . . .

Interviewer: Do you know how much in France you would have to pay on earnings above one million euros [under new French President Francois Hollande's proposal]? Not 30%. 75%.

Smith: 75?! Yeah, that’s different, that’s different. Yeah, 75. Well, you know, God bless America.

What an idiot. I will have to add his name to the 'never watch anymore movies by this guy' list.


Smokey said...

I don'tknow about you, but that list grows longer day by day for me!

Cin said...

Haha, Smokey! How very true. Pretty soon we won't be watching any movies at all, as most of Hollywood are libtards.