LOST. (not the TV series)

In the news today:

The Obama administration has initiated a renewed push to convince the U.S. Senate to approve the 1982 United Nations Law of the Sea treaty. Administration officials claim approval of the pact is necessary to protect the U.S. Navy’s right to carry out exercises off the coast of China. In the past Chinese ships have harassed U.S. vessels.

Ratification of the treaty has long been blocked due to congressional concerns that the treaty gives the UN far too much control over American oil and mineral rights while threatening U.S. sovereignty. Treaty opponents contend that China will not to change its maritime claims even if the treaty is ratified.

Dick Morris has been sounding the alarm about this treaty, along with many conservatives. If ratified, this Treay will be the destruction of American Sovreignty. The Treaty itself is thousands of pages long but here is a very brief summary of some of the dangers:

First, the Law of the Sea Treaty requires that an international tribunal issue permits for all oceanic oil drilling and mining. It is an international crime to drill an oil well in the Gulf of Mexico without an international permit and paying unlimited permit fees to the tribunal.

Second, the US must pay a royalty of 50% of the proceeds from every oil and gas well within 200 miles of our coast to the international tribunal to be redistributed all over the world. That is in addition to the permit fees.

Third, it requires unlimited technology transfer from the US free of charge to all 160 other nations that have signed the treaty, such as Venezuela, Iran and Angola.

Fourth, it also authorizes the tribunal to set whatever taxes and fees it wishes on American ocean activity of any sort, without limitation.

In the interest of national security and sovereignty, the United States should withdraw from the UN, stop paying all dues to what’s become an Islamofascist/Communist criminal organization, and expel them from American shores permanently.

Well, I searched here for a You Tube video to post regarding LOST, but odd as it sounds, Blogsey returned 'no results'.

Anyway, this is something to be watching in the next week or so.

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