I Think We Have A Winner

Entryway. what you can't see in this picture is the awesome study converted from a huge closet.

Standing at entry way. Love all the windows!

another bedroom view

looking towards kitchen and entry. See the double doors? Open them and voila! The study! It's so cool!

Bathroom. The shower is actually very large, although you can't see from here. There is a huge walk in closet to the left, and additional closet with washer/dryer hookups, AND separate area where the toilet is

Kitchen looking towards pantry. I love the appliances and the granite countertops

Balcony with a nice view
Balcony looking from bedroom

The building from street
Living area
Another view of the Kitchen. I Love the kitchen!

Bedroom...with sliding doors to the balcony. (don't look at the rug)

This is the one! We made an offer on this unit Saturday afternoon, and on Sunday afternoon it was accepted. Henry's first reaction was: 'We went in too high.' I don't think so. I believe the seller was ready to sell. He has already purchased another unit in a different building, and I'd like to think it worked out well for all.

It's not too large, so not a lot of furniture to buy. It's convenient to Henry's job, only 5.4 miles, which actually translates to a 20 minute commute, but, hey, it's better than an hour each direction. The building offers lots of amenities, most of which we may never use, but ya never know!
Closing is scheduled for the end of July, so again I say, we have to get this motorhome sold. Someone called from Washington State today, and he does sound genuinely interested, so will be keeping the fingers crossed.


Renee and Dave said...

Congrats! VERY nice! What a change in lifestyle -- you guys aren't gonna turn into yuppies, are you? Maybe you won't be associating with us trailer trash who "used to know you when"!!!


Cin said...

Thank you! Oh my, we could never turn into yuppies. ick. -
We will always be trailer trash ourselves, just without the wheels. lol.
If you come through Dallas, you better stop and say 'hi'.

Jack said...

Nice digs....that is HUGE! Looks very nice. Almost decadent. :)

I'll bet you are glad the search is over.

Cin said...

Thank you, Jack. Yes, we are glad the search is over.
Oh, 'decadent'. Great word. I like it!