Contemporary Or Comfortable?

Henry likes this contemporary, 'comfy', camel back sofa. (not leather).

I love this contemporary style. Leather and the revealed legs.

It's been many, many years since we've bought furniture and of course the choices are limitless, but I'm pretty sure we know what we like, which is both of the above. Just have to decide which it will be. In all the years we've been married, Henry has never had a recliner, so the way I see it, what better time than now? Unfortunately, this is the kind he wants, duct tape and all...but it's comfy, right?

Furniture prices are all over the board, from inexpensive (cheap quality most likely) to ultra-expensive. Lazy Boy furniture ranks in the upper end, but they will do any fabric, any color wood, any anything you want......with an upcharge, of course. So, you could start out with a $1,000 sofa, but by the time you've customized the fabric, and changed from oak to walnut on the legs, eek. Starts to add up rather quickly.

Then we have the logistics of moving into the building. The move must be scheduled one week prior to moving to reserve use of the freight elevator. There is a non-refundable elevator fee and a refundable move-in fee, so in order to avoid paying these fees twice, it would be best to have all the furniture delivered by the same business. Unless of course, we could coordinate two or three places to deliver on the same day. No, that sounds confusing as things never go as planned with deliveries. The easiest and less painful will be to find everything we like at one place. Guess that rules out Lazy Boy because they don't carry bedroom furniture or mattresses. (Sorry, Henry, no Woodrow camel back sofa). :)

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Seven said...

I prefer your version, leather with exposed legs. Dad's seems too living-room-we-never-use-but-it-looks-pretty to me.