Gas, gas, gas...up, up and away

I was just reading on Michelle Malkin's site that our prez., Odumbo, will be speaking tomorrow about the rising gas prices.  I laughed to myself, because I can only imagine what the clown is going to say. I'm sure he will blame Bush, tell us there is nothing he can do about it in the short term and that we should be carpooling or taking public transportation.  As I neared the end of the article, the author wrote a synopsis of what we will most likely be hearing tomorrow from the Kenyan squatter in the WH.  Here it is:

"To save you some time, here’s Obama’s gas price speech in about 50 words: “Payroll tax cut to help families cover the rising fuel cost that’s a sign ofeconomic recovery. Increase domestic energy output tempered by environmental sensitivity. No quick fixes. Buy Chevy Volts. Republicans playing politics. Remember global warming. More clean energy initiatives. Trade inyour gas guzzler. Trouble with Iran.”

Good job, right?  Haha.

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