Let's Move

To take part in Texas anti-obesity events, Michelle Obama, has officially arrived AND is mucking up the commute home for hundreds of Dallas residents.  How do I know? Henry just called and asked if Odumbo was in town, because there is an entire entourage of black and white vehicles, roads blocked and a congested mess.

Two weeks ago, our daughter got caught in the same mess in Arizona when Ovomit was passing through. Amanda was unable to get home and had to park her vehicle several blocks away. She said she stomped through the crowd of cheering idiots and considered giving Obama the middle finger salute.  Of course she didn't, because she was raised to show respect. Had it been me however, it would have been a two handed middle finger salute.

I swear, they deliberately choose rush hour times to crusade through cities. You know, they are king and queen of America, after all. Puke.  Say what you will, but the two of them make me sick.

***watching the news right now. Egypt. Muslim Brotherhood. Problems. Civilians are fearful for their lives. Muslim Brotherhood is taking control. Islamic law is all but there. Thanks, Barry.  Knew this is what would happen! Been saying it for months...but at the time, the idiot liberals were rejoicing 'power to the people'. Wake up!!!

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