Robin Hood Tax

The following is from a friend, which she wrote two days ago. She was out in front of today's UN story which I just posted below.

"The Robin Hood Tax. Sounds like a fable...something dreamt up by the liberal progressives in some far off fantasy land, right? WRONG. It's REAL, and it's HERE. A "tiny" tax that will yield 400 BILLION per year.

It's being pushed by Buffet, Soros, Leo Gerard, President Sarkozy of France, Chancellor Merkel of Germany....you know those two. They are the ones guiding the intentional collapse of the Euro. I forgot to mention THE UNIONS, OWS CROWD and the Salvation Army are also on board and pushing this worldwide. It's their AGENDA!

The bill (known as the Financial Transaction Tax) has already been introduced here in the US. Democratic members of Congress Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-Ore.) and Sen. Tom Harkin  (D-Iowa) have introduced legislation that levies a 0.03 percent transaction tax  on the value of stocks, bonds and derivatives transactions. It is unlikely to  pass a Republican House which is dead set against raising taxes, but it's being floated and the UNIONS LOVE IT.

Ralph Nader wrote  an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal advocating for a transaction tax. “The  passage of such a tax would be a great start for our representatives in Congress  to show that they’ve heard the message” of the Occupy Wall Street movement, said  Nader."~~~L. Rockwell.

France came out last week announcing a financial tax on all transactions which will take effect this JULY.

This WILL TAX HEDGE FUNDS! Now we know why George Soros closed up his hedge funds last year. He KNEW this was coming, and it would have hit him hard.

How does Obama fit into all of this?  The Global Poverty Act. Obama introduced the bill during his one term in the U.S. Senate. From News with Views was this:
The bill was one of the only pieces of legislation ever introduced by Senator Barack Obama, and it wasn’t just a compassionate bit of fluff that Obama dreamed up to help the poor of the world. This bill was directly tied to the United Nations and served as little more than a shake down of American taxpayers in a massive wealth redistribution scheme. The Global Poverty Act would provide the United Nations with 0.7% of the United States gross national product. 

It's way past time to wake up, people. Or....nothing to see, just move along?

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