Who really blocked Keystone Pipeline?

This news does not surprise me, but it certainly ticks me off. If you don't know who George Soros is, you need to research him. In a few words, I will sum Soros up by saying he is an evil, vile billionaire who calls the shots and controls Obama. He is the master puppeteer.

Canadian Resources Minister Joe Oliver says Barack Obama blocked the pipeline deal on behalf of radical left-wing Billionaire George

Soros has pumped millions into American far-left groups, many of which used some of his money to campaign for Barack Obama.

Barack Obama vetoed a major oil pipeline deal that would have brought thousands of new jobs and decreased our oil dependency on the Middle East. Obama is ensuring that unemployment stays high, gas prices climb, and America keeps sending tens of billions to Saudi Arabia, and Venezuela. The so-called “environmental concerns” are completely unfounded.

The liberal Washington Post called Obama’s veto “an act of national insanity.” Liberal TIME magazine attacked Obama and said the veto means Canadian oil will go to China and Americans will continue buying oil from Saudi Arabia.

Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver recently blamed billionaire agitator George Soros, who funds extreme left-wing causes in North America, Europe, and Central Asia. He also fingered the US based Tides Foundation.

The Tides Foundation is a left-wing not for profit with a budget in the hundreds of millions. They are most known for promoting the global warming hoax.~~council concerned citizens

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