Hidden Fees On All Mortgages

(CBS News)  

Just before Christmas, American workers got a rare gift from Washington politicians - the current payroll tax cut would be extended for two more months.

At the time, both President Barack Obama and House Speaker John Boehner lauded the move to avoid a tax increase for millions of working Americans.

But there's something the politicians weren't bragging about - the fact that they're paying for the two-month tax cut with what has turned into a brand new fee on home buyers.

The new fee is a minimum of one-tenth of 1 percent on Fannie Mae- and Freddie Mac-backed loans, and is likely to go much higher.

It will be imposed for the next 10 years on most mortgages and refinancings and it lasts for the life of the loan.


Isn't this just lovely!!! An increase in our mortgages every single month!  The ONLY person that raised a red flag and tried to stop this was Col. Allen West, but nobody bothered to listen.  This is so typical of our Congressmen and Senators. Tell us they're cutting taxes but NOT telling us they're imposing hidden fees to pay for it. As if homeowners aren't struggling enough as it is. 

How do you like that hope and change now, Obots?

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