Briggsdale, Colorado

This sunset is not Briggsdale, but I felt it appropriate for this post
The church my parents were married in
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The house my mother was raised in, and has remained in her family ever since, along with the land they have farmed for over 80 years. My cousin Patti, now owns and lives in the house.

While in Colorado, my parents had both my cousins, Bryce and Patti, and their spouses over for dinner, so that the 'young people' could get accquainted and reaccquainted. I loved seeing them all again. Bryce is the one that extended the offer for us to leave our trailer on his farm, which we accepted.
It's always wonderful to revisit old places and family. And as we all know, your life and the lives of those you love can change in a single heartbeat, so cherish every minute.

In this case, we learned just today that my cousin Bryce lost his life last evening in a car accident. Just a week ago, Henry and I sat across the table from Bryce and his wife, Jerri over breakfast. And yesterday, we were back in Briggsdale picking up our trailer from his farm. Bryce has a beautiful wife and two young daughters that he leaves behind. Henry and I both enjoyed seeing Bryce and getting to know him and Jerri again. We were looking forward to spending more time with him and his family. He will be greatly missed by us and his family.

Life is truly precious; cherish every minute.

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