It's raining, It's pouring...

Can you say 'RAIN?'

Yup, it's been raining every day since we arrived. I know, I know, it's Washington, it always rains. That's why moss grows on the trees bark, the roofs of houses, and everything else.
Rain every single day does get old real quick!

We've been visiting Henry's relatives , and last night visited with an old friend of his. Danny and his wife, Kim, were the ones that stood up for us at our wedding in 1989. It was good seeing them and their 2 kids, who of course are all grown up now.

This evening we will go see another one of his cousins, and then tomorrow, some work that needs to be done prior to our long trip to Alaska.

I'm hoping for time to go to the rainforest again. We had such fun there with our daughter and her friend 4 years ago, and it so beautiful that I'd like to see it again. Might as well after all....we are here, right?

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