Spar Cafe, Olympia, Washington

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The Spar Cafe in downtown Olympia, Washington. The second visit for Henry, the first for me. This Cafe has been around since 1935. Henry's first visit was in 1967 with his dad, where he recalls having his first chili burger.
Today we enjoyed a glass of beer and wine, and an Oyster Poor Boy Sandwich with fries. The food was excellent, the atmosphere awesome.
It still has the aura of the 1930's even though there has been some updating. Back in its day, the back room was used as the poker room, the front room was occupied with numerous pool tables, and a large display case which housed cigars and cigarettes.
The display case is much smaller today, there are only 3 pool tables and the poker room has been replaced with dining booths and in one corner the micro brewery.
I thought it was still pretty cool because there are the old framed photographs of 'back in the day', and original woodwork and bar stools are still in use. Oh, and the place was built around an artesia well, and the water served in the cafe is from that same well.


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