The 'Trick' is...Dri Wash 'n Guard

I rolled with laughter when I got this email.

My mother was so funny while we were in Colorado; I had offered and did clean her shower with Dri Wash 'n Guard to show her how easy it was to use, how well it cleaned, and most importantly, how easy it would be for her, someone with arthritis and in her 70's to use.
Well, both my Dad and Mom were impressed with the results, and they purchased some product. I know my Dad has used it on one of his vehicles and was amazed at how well it cleaned. Now, my Mom has apparently used it, and this is the email I received from her.

"I have to tell you about that stuff we bought from you. It's addictive. I can't stop cleaning! I've done the bathrooms, kitchen tile and patio windows.
In the spring when I first wash that thing, I go over it about 5 times in a couple days to get the grime and streak off; it's a job. I did it with this dri wash stuff one time, sat on the chair in the house to do the bottom half, it's unbelievable. Can't find streaks, dirt, grime, nothing. I told Lee wait till the sun shines on it and we will see. The sun shone, it's perfect. What a deal!
But the tile by the stove and in that corner where I cook, I think there's a trick in that bottle. It sprays spots to clean off! I had no idea that tile was that bad, so I know those spots came out of the bottle! Boy, it's some great stuff! I love that clean window!"

I know what she means by thinking there's a 'trick' in the bottle. Dri Wash 'n Guard cleans like absolutely nothing you have ever used in the past. One product, cleans everything. And to think its original use was automotives, and now being used everywhere inside the home.
Thank you Mom!

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