Our flying trip to Michigan

After leaving our trailer at my cousin's farm in Colorado, we headed our truck east towards Michigan. It's always fun traveling with just the truck, but we were now going to see what the puppy thought of it, too.
We are so lucky with this dog..he is a great little traveler!! He never whines or barks! However, sleeping in the truck with two adults and a puppy did get a little crowded. The bed is slightly smaller than a twin size.

So...heading east just outside of Des Moines, Iowa, a car with two people in it start waving their arms out the window at us. As we pull up beside them, turns out they are friends of ours. Fellow HDT'ers who live in Iowa. We run up to the next exit, and enjoyed ice cream and a great catch up visit with them.

Another friend of ours who drives truck for U.S. Express just happened to be in Grand Rapids, Michigan, so we met up with him for pie and coffee. We hadn't seen him in over a year, so it was awesome!

The visit with Henry's brother was really nice. We spent two days with him and were glad we drove the distance to see him.

THEN, came the trip back to Colorado! That would be the photo above. First it was rain and wind in Michigan, so we ran in hopes of getting in front of it, only to be met with snow and more wind in Nebraska.

There were some bright spots though. As we traveled back through Iowa, we stopped in at our friend's house (the ones we ran in to on the Interstate). We visited for a couple hours with them, then continued on and this time it was our turn to spot someone we knew on the highway. The same friend we met on the way in, was now hauling a load to Lincoln.....the Flying J Truck Stop was our stop for a quick lunch together.

What a great time!

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