Another's perspective on why we fulltime

The following is another fulltimer's point of view about why we do what we do. I was personally touched by what she writes, and can relate to and agree with every word. I emailed this woman (Mona) and asked her permission to post on my blog. Her reply was 'by all means!'...So, here it is.....

"I was thinking about this yesterday as Bill & I walked with Stone & Patches (our Aussies). Weather was 75 or so, beautiful sunny day, small breeze.

Turtles lazy on logs, water fowl everywhere, fish jumping in lake, kayaks in river, bikers out and about, campers relaxing in lounge chairs, shorts & tees, migrating buzzards circling high overhead, lazy gators shallow in lake/sun, Bill & I holding hands...praising our Creator and thankful for this country and freedom. Meeting travelers in $$$$$ rigs and others in $ rigs, all with smiles and friendliness.

Living in the moment! Hard to do that in the corporate world I came from.

Taking time to think. Ponder. Pray. Listen. Breathe.

Not worrying about Kohl's, Penny's, etc. 7am sales, etc.

Watching the sunset and being thankful you lived this day where you did and how you did.

Choosing to be alone...or in a group.

A simpler life. Cherishing a hot bowl of soup on a cool night.

Removing ourselves from the rush and hurry of past life. Seeking peace and solitude.

Embracing LIFE. Taking back the living of it so easily stolen by other influences. Not sweating the small stuff.

Living...not being an observer of life.

Can you do these things living in a house? I guess. We never did.

This is the pioneering spirit taht is within many of us. I choose to think it is of great value.

As we go deeper into life as Fulltimers...it becomes who we are and less what we do.


The worth of a day"

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