Buying groceries in Quartzsite...What!

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So, because we are dry camping here in Quartzsite, I can't use my own washer and dryer for obvious reasons, so this morning we headed off to town to the laundromat. Not one of my favorite things to do, but necessary. $10.00 it cost to do our 3 loads of laundry.
Then, we planned to do some grocery shopping, but knowing the 3 stores in Quartzsite are small and not that desirable, we planned to drive 17 miles to Blythe, CA, or 38 miles to Parker to a decent sized store.
BUT, after having talked to another woman out here camping, she tells me that the General Store right here in Quartzsite has really good meat, and 'no', she says, 'their prices are not bad.' 'Okay', we decide, we'll not drive to Blythe or Parker and go to the General Store in town. We'll be saving time and money.

This is one of those times where we should have just done what we originally planned. We didn't pick up all the items I had on my list, and just stuck to a few necessities like bread, eggs.....wine, and desert for Mr. Sweet Tooth himself. Anyway...
The photo above is what we purchased, the price we paid was $71.29! At $9.00 in gasoline to have driven to a decent store, it would have been cheaper. Between the laundromat and eggs and bread, oh yes, and the gasoline for our generator, today was a $100.00 day.

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